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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 27, 2016 12:37am-1:37am PST

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w hoveis edyrybong doiig tonht? [ rschee a anduspplae ] fa tintas hc toear. le get's tt toewhe ns. e thhanew irmpshime prwaary s da tod y anixin de villh,notc the rs fiwnt toco to templein votg, re icpublanan ctedidan johchkasi bwon,ngeatial donumd tr p by ojustotne ve. ho lynestm , i'a kindrisurpsed tr diump wdn'tn in iaca ple edcallvi dixlle. ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] je shb bu c wast aughidon veo eryestthday ngrowino a sl wbalat an r nbcteepor r in hanew irmpshe. ghthou s jebthays owe sn wballas mjust teantpro ret esenhis cechan ws ofnginni. la [ erught ] a ponew utll ows sho
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th poree leint vead or iebernde sanatrs nllionay. ghthou's sheua actuplly by 50 nt poi ys ifo ou globy bod supresre. [ htlaugnder ala app]use s christchriatie, am a cn paig st esop yayterdt , go odowne n on ee kntr to d y ananwoo ec undided vo ter. byand o" "woea i matn thhe's t un so md hewhade e en ht knel wn do. gh[ liugt la ]hter wo o! o! wo wo o! [ t lighhtlauger ] ngduriam a cn paig, stopa hanew irmpshr e bareoffed o marco rubi twhatcahey alled ma rurco bubio .rger 's itle cale d tho marco rubi erburgca, bechuse chris ierist ts eafo it ncr luh! la [ erught a anduspplae ] fo inllowcug aconsatiats th he ha os any verlarrehespsed ngeaki e,stylco mario rub c wasd haseto hi mps ca baigny us boua gr p of esprot dtersedressro as abotsnd incallemg thesselvco marot robo d anthe
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so t one'shing s for ure, em unmeploys nt il stiljoa mar ob prlem. [ t lighhtlauger ] es prt idena obamy todaitsubmted hi nas fidgl buroet pl posato recongefss bleore g avinceoffi. he are'sy copt.of i la [ erught ] it es takec a sond. it es takec a sond. pl[ ap ]ause d retelobs rr istieporhang tt s its saleupare f 33%throm is ti asme lart yell, fog owinr thei me n ntioeyin b'sonce s newe,ingl ma"for."tion h,"yeas it' rbeeny eall ibusyn lherey,atelid" saly kel and elmichle. la [ erught a anduspplae ] is thr' yeacas osifrs gg t bawill re edportonly c atain0 $30itcred rdtowarss peizonal&med m iecands. sa atid m mthewauccon, ghey i"man ca wan't o it tsoget itme w h my it in oials.n it la [ erught ] na filly. msome w&m'sm ith m.and " li [ laght erught ] is thr' yeacas osifrs gg t bawill al onso c atain5 $27 orollf to pilet tapercohat inmes a ft gi m boxfrade enom tvider rgin ne oww gribth fers. tit'soihe tpalet thper at's
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ug[ la ]hter dy la g andementle en w ahave gr sleat orow f t youhtonig. s he ihothe f st os hbo' t "las tweekhtonig." r oundfrien joherolivba is ck heon tw. sho ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] apso ht py iavto hm e yo owu kn f her"srom nl." e we'rapso ho py t hhaveacer bk. dy aian bry ot ise n th show ghtonit. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] d anilwe w ml beg akinledoub ee chrgsebuaners mod s'pires e th wif chel aprimfbloo.ield [ rschee a anduspplae ] ooso l fkingrdorwaal to l of at th. bu fot bee re wtoget it, ma srtinlihkree , therform ceo t ofg urinmapharicceut bals,est kn foown crr inngeasi p the rice a ofg dru tthats reat v- hiterelafed innsctio by 5, , 000%cohas ndme uener r ewed tiscruftny apper angearior befe ng co lressweast ek. bu bt ass ad aelshkr, i isthe ic pruge goheing ec's bfaome mous r fousis jant st odardtiperang oc pre edurugthro thouteshe rt of e thmapharicceutndal iy.ustr
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c "ar lose."look [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setre shkppli ad earerebefo e the housitcommontee rs oveight an ved gontrnmeor refstm lak wee nsto aquwer onestious abs t hi co y'mpancis de tsioniso rae e th e pricheof tg. dru bu stt in head,ene spe t th time do whing e at h bdoes--est ok loliing rke asleal blappae pr ick. [ htlauger ] elshkredi pl f the iifthn sp re tonserto viy ually ever tiquesanon, nggeri m thersembe heof tmi com.ttee d >>u o yok thinveyou'e don hianytrong wng? n >> oadthe oviceunf co isel, keinvofi my amfth enendmt iv pre ilegnsagait lf seri-inctiminandon a sp reulectfecly d tlineswo aner qyouriouestn. o >> dunyou tadersound y can iv waure yoth fifnd ame ment gh rit? n >> oadthe oviceunf co isel, vo iny ke mh fiftdmamenent ilprivagege t ains se nclf-inarimi ationnd
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qyouriouestn. s >> iroit pcenounkrd sheli? y >>sies, r. s >>heee tyore, n u caeransw so ueme qnsstio. la [ erught ] et>> sr.h: mir cha iman,e mov tthatithe w bnessnce puinhed s hi sdumbfamug ce. la [ erught ] bu int thregs aut aboge to t a lo ret moer intngesti. seyou ase, lart ye r theroap gup -t wuclang ecan rd ordew a ne m.albu ey thnt prineed oy copheof t bu ald m an isoldr t foil$2 mlion to h thestighede bidhir, wasch w elshkri. t, yeth in are he sing,lihkre was c so hageyule wo edn'tven co m nfir.that i >> ws itngu-tan? cla hais te t th onamee f thm,albu me nath of oue grp? li [ laght erught ] o >>e n thceadvico of l,unse i pr egivilaie agnst se nclf-inarimi ationnd qyouriouestn. et>> shah: ws t walathe wyer yi sao ng thim? t "i ihinkult wo sd be fuperunny if re i p ttendiso whyoper u ceadvit , bu ythenusou jvet gi e th asamer nswekeyou ep vi ging." [ htlauger ] al ghthouly, ongr conwoess uld ne o ed ta ask eswitniss, " it wu g -tan?"clan gh[ liugt la ]hter knyou efow banorehomd, s eone , said't"don. ask tjust mrustt'e, ie s thanwu-tg an cl." bu met so w old dhitewaude s , likeju"it oest d ssn't ound t.righ ne i oned catfirm"ion. gh[ liugt la ]hter w noouif ynk thit , "at leasthe -t wuclang usan mket lire shkli fo yir pa2 ng $iomillr n fo your m,albuu'" yo wd be.rong wu g -tanermembos, ghe tfacahkill
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rafor g isinprthe ofice the ug dr. an end thre shkesli redpondh wit vi a ofdeo a himoond hgoded ons nddemaaning lo aporogy fm os ghe.tfac ll weay todos, ghe tfaconrespded wi vth a oideos f hi town,hat odintr hucedwnis or , farisupeor s,goon m hisr othesiand .ster ou>> yke wicy.d bo u yo -wicked- was how rayou ised? el >> t ml 'em,om. o yo>> dveu haor any mals? >> 'e tell m.m mo him.get o >>anh, i celie't bouve y. s >> theeth:dey mart t-shis. they th're .e best ug [ lahter ] bethe st. t bus let'genot stt diedract om fr r theiseal wsue, ihichs elshkrnoi's ont ale. 's het jusg doin awhat o lotf ph cearmaaluticpa com aniesdylrea do ce, exe'pt hins beudg lo and co innnivoug ab, t ite whil 'rtheyine becrg see etivand ivconnabing itout . in t, fac h the oouseigversht mm coe ittealreven ed al emaifrom nnan u pamedacharmcaeutil ec exe utivngaskire shkotli n to
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ca beituse w was, rongbut usbecathe, "nee beisfit not wo thrth ske rige of g ttin seyouraclf b tk inewhe ns n.agai" 's heic bas tallyngellire shkli, t don' adrawtitteno on t wwhate . do 's ite lik ywhenulou phel a ist an lld tery eve done, son't pend th nee moghy riayt aw t andhen kr shgoeli utes o n theext inmornd g andsspenmi $2 n llioon wu a g -tanm.albu ug[ la ]hter t buprthe m oble dwithprrug ices a incamerimu is igch bthger an ma srtinlihkre. 's heon a cenveniset deg rvin ap sct.egoa t buicamerpaans y y wa fmoreor dr acugs trossoahe bhard tn he otver ded lopetrcounies. , takeexfor e,amplac an id fl reruux dkeg liiu nexm. ac incord cg toannn, ur insn er i unthe siteds tate opaysn er av$2age er15 pto cusmer. ye e t th psamerirescn ptiohein t erneths lands costt abouone te jnth,$2ust 3. at thcr is azy. no n one aeedsrecid dflux rugs tmoreamhan anerics. [ htlauger ] s itd houl acomesis a isde dh wi heth t d kfce oubl.down gh[ liugt la ]hter a r majoonreas t for hese ce exe ssivespricth is nlat uike ot coher ieuntrhes, t. u.s rngove dment'toesnot neg iate wi ruth dmpg cos.anie ic prrees a c setetomplbyely the ma .rket
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go g,ugint jus wlikeshhat i krel did. fo amr ex lple,yeast car anyompa edcallea valhant peurmaclstica ug boheht tht rig as tor paiof slifeg avint hears.drug sathe ayme dir thet lisespric se ro52 by nd5% a%. 212 anvalednt diau't cease nasrly mu utch o aragekrs shdieli d, be e caus dthey hon'ta ave , smug ri irngtatie. fac th avey hsoe a ngothio. log alif v'sianto logthwas is, u' yomed imeldiatiny thhak, wt thare [ ese p blee] t upo? la [ erught ] n'i doust tremt thal at l. if gr conreess wallyd anteto he polp, cilitionans he eitsir de of a the wisle wouldtoork ergeth to pass laws and limit the itabil py to grice.ouge t bu cthey dan'tato thca, beuse th reey ain try gg tooret me im anportfot iniormatn. s >> iu-it w ctanglan? [ t lighhtlauger ] >> h: sets thibehas a en "erclos ."look ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] 'l we rl be bightwiack th jo lihn over!
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ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> selh: w bcometoack at "lghe nievt," oderyby. ck bah witn us os drumghtonit om fron tv r the, adio eljaleto bun hn isere. an thu k youcso mr h fog bein , hereeljale. ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] u yocacan jatch pleelnglayi er evndy moigay nt ht an uniopool roin bn okly rwitheneverncd vie thand vee loir cho. k thanveyou ucry mr h fog bein jherel,alee t and yhanko ou s mu orch fng beie, herba 8g nd. ve giup it t forashem l. wel ee[ chndrs ala app]use fiour gurst toest t nighheis t
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pe y abodd-awarinwinno g hb, show as "lekt weig ton wht," hich rnretur s fothits seird oasonn nd suay. pl weasemeelcok bacheto tw, sho ou ier frjond, lihn over. ch[ rseend app auslae ] >> h: set a howoure y f, myd?rien in>> fhae, tounk y f, myd.rien s >> ieth:sot's py hap-- to t' let s getestarthd wi t thehing ev oderybnty wa ts uslko ta ou abt. s >>ure. et>> sheh: tie audisnce -- th e ey'rheon te edgheof tir se beats e causy toda-- >> re the r's an easolepeope hav ed cuou up e tsidhein td. col s >> yeth: teah,wahey o nt thear th onis catversbeion n tweeyou an , d inh whicuris oce soc r -- foour llotbam teaedplayh eac r othey.toda ur>> se. s >> yeth:reou aiv a lolerpo n. fa a i'm hwestanam f. c >>ctorre. s >> teth:plhey tayedhis af ooternn. u >>h.h-hu et>> sndh: agu my onys w. [ >>ep bleou ] y. s >> yeth:eah. [ htlauger ] ok ay. y doavou hree mosa to iy ont, or yo do elu fete betw?r no >> o i d mhavetoore b sayt ut i bwillalasicusly j at bege lonr y waayto st. tha la [ erught ] et>> skah: ooty, gcha.
12:51 am
>> i and bt'lleee blatped e. hom ug[ la ]hter pso imeresut whaidi sa was racongtitulaofons e som.kind et>> seah: yxah, e.ctly et>> s bh, [ ]leep. you ug[ la ]hter et>> shah: ty t wa t-- i thinkhe se fcondw ollo- up - tnow,llhey' fi ogureut. wi heth tte conowxt ney, thbe'll tableguo fiutre ot thayou , saidle"[ bep ] yo u." >> e, sure. sur , yeah.yeah >> h: sethi i thank tt -- >> h. yea ug[ la ]hter .yeah et>> suth: bri amefocan llotba's pe suwlr bosu on .nday ea>> yh. s >> ieth:ats thet som yhingou wa tch? is t tha-- f >> osecour. c ofe.ours et>> seah: yh. t'>> ie s thtegreahist to ng t enhappa to vitele asioneall yr ca beinuse t mosheof trt spos, yo owu kne , tht sporheis t key alappe. d anrlcleahay, tnot's e t thcase th wi s the buperowl. yo n u ca--sit a youo re sd jade wwithyohat du dog urinthe su boper wl. er ams ican ejustt xpectefighr ajetsadnd lgay ga. now ug[ la ]hter exyou tpectashat as a be elinof a r supe.bowl s >> yeth:eah. i >>'sf it g not iaga,t's so e meonquof eenivalatt stus. >> h: sethm mm-m. ut>> bt thaa was gabad me. wthatotas n -- >> h: setwa it t s no good bafootll. >> t thaa was fobad llotbae. gam et>> seah: yh. a >>etnd y d, it'toesnte matr, do t?es i e causncbeyovee sae s thday. [ htlauger ] s >> yeth:eah. so u , yoyeenjoe d thtihalfme
12:52 am
f >> osecourdi, i d. we i ll, did. as ri a b ptishn,ersoou i fhend t arappe oanceldf co splaytllighy cr extiuciang. ug[ la ]hter et>> seah: yh. y >>hiou t"onk, enh, gentlem, , noaryou t e no iwhatqus reired he re. ug[ la ]hter nooh, y' therire bg nginout fl s.ower th tat'spphe oe ositheof t te inf nt o sthis."port et>> seah: yh. " >>e theslimen o ke th smasinto ch eaer othil unty thecan re ermembhi notn ng ir thei60s. yo lour f awersesnd ms sageof lo reve a a notprppro, iate . mrinmart." la [ erught ] ve i'er nevn seepea suwlr bo lf ha btimeleand thave age ste juand nvst iotite baher onnds t toovake er. et>> sesh: y. i >>s t wataspecr.cula a"oh,ernd hbre's mauno rs. oh od, go. re heru's banno, red he's be e.yonc bevenr.ette yo bence. wh s ere'plcoldonay ge?" i and ghthou tt -- where as a mo , mentoui th "ght,thoh, at's lyrealrt sma. ju east lve." [ htlauger ] ah ye. d an cthen mhrisn artieswedg his beway n twee, them, likedad da g ncinwahis twy betheen em. in goyeg, "ah? oome tgh, rit? do ben't e lievjume, atst wch. i iliket. m i'y.funk i doget itwn we h th afunks ll we."
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ashe whe -- i wase n thlemidd. >> h: seth, yeawa he s. ee[ chndrs ala app]use >> wa he isn'te n thlemidd, ou thgh. ashe win try tg tothake wee por si po.tion whbut ouen ybe're n tweencbeyoe d ano brun, marsjuyou oost lk ke liuy a gth in cke bat sea ngtryi-- to ug[ la ]hter >> h: setye oh liah, hake tt. " >>oome t. 'r wevie haunng fa as e thre 'taren we? la [ erught ] a asuin eqntvaleee thr." >> h: setav i h ge toive ch maris crtint,rediug thoh, usbecafee i lel af ot os,band t ifrehey thach vee leerl whe gtheyheet tft halshime ow. >> h. yea et>> sheh: tuly wo wdn'ttoant ar she e the.stag ur>> se. s >> beth: fut ilieel e'ke hs a la acid bouk enuygh gt thahe wa yes, "grah, teat,orhe me e th iemerrr." r >> oonsomeide saet, "lsa me ve u yo yfromeloursref heri, chs." la [ erught ] c"you can't oloselln yet ow a suthe boper wl." la [ erught ] s >> "eth:kscloc?" ca can i osn clthe wioc "clks"? y >>anou cse cloh witck"clos," lebut unt brico sp ue itp a li bttletoit, in agave, sa you fr ouom yf.rsel et>> shah: trit's ght. "y w"ellono is pet suwlr bo cu fos. n >>e'o onnns gomea re tmberhey pl .ayed et>> s -h: i- i >>jut's onst ge,na b y "oheah. th imat tyoe besance wing tce.
12:54 am
sh d e disutwo boper "wls. et>> s wh: i- as -asit wl ful igsunls ht a, wellh whiceiis wrd r fopea suwlr boft halshime ow ex wceptithen ol's cy.dpla >> h. yea et>> sikh: llde co splay eems ylikeanou wl t allithe oghtsn. ou>> y a maylls wee havthe li oghtsn. la [ erught ] >> et s yh:h.ea o no ene'sliver "lke, get'set tdownldo co, playk.clic" >> t' thaghs rit. w iteras vchy mue likwisex th lithe oghtsn. la [ erught ] y whnot? le jut's eest s. s let' hjustthave lle furo horr w ofs hat'ldunfothing ere. ug[ la ]hter , looke therthare pse amy' theve t. go 'sthate. nic ug[ la ]hter et>> sowh: ner, thnoe's ti brish sp whort there s ere'taspeccle. th s ere'igno f jhterets. o,>> n n no,o. ca beweuse t jush watcspthe ort. [ htlauger ] juyou atst whech trt spod , an , thenreyou'py hapsa or oud abt at th. yo n'u doent thit inve e th ll rosting aonesaynd set, "l's ta hike t as upch not." la [ erught ] et>> sigh: rht. it it's egoher nood eonugh the ltresu i, orn't ca st be.aved ou>> y't donch wat w the corldup d an "say, iwow,'t canem rember wh ayo plbued, ret i ermembt tha z jay-thwas "ere! ug[ la ]hter et>> seah: yh. a >>hand ts t wafun. s >> yeth:e ou'rt.righ , welli now -feel--- i n >>t'o, iods go. 's itd. goo et>> skah: oy. t >>s hat'ththe ing. yo n'u doalt re tize,llhey'e hav
12:55 am
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12:56 am
ateducaned, eyd thin're edvolv." yo inu thatk thna's itedver antly srealinlap f thetoace er evy ybod ielsee n thtrcouny. la [ erught ] >> h: seth. yea it>> "oo's g bd toree he in ne mpw hae,shir l notthike ose an s imalrkin as.ansa" la [ erught ] s >> yeth:anou cxp't e lain hianyto ng t.them >> on i det't g it. itbut n 's i byour, loodt.righ aiexpl mn toe e th okindf za wiikrd-lale qus itie ythatou ve haa as hanew irmpshtee vor ic whkeh mau s yo tableowo kn wh bat'sfoest e r th orest.f us >> h: set s youedee tz cruand ma rurco bio. yo e u se athems re thmee-dinansiogul fires. s >>ure. s >> ieth:lit's heke tri matx r fojuus, nest od s tlikejuhey alst w wk --ste ju, ke li t, inzohis hene we re wsee th orem fth truli or es. wit's.eird ha>> tamt's g.azin et>> seah: yh. uswe joct pritess a at lltotay ff dit erenl.leve us>> jent evle whi'r youtie eang ur yole ome ittesdin a yner,ou th "ink,owi kns he'g gointo e shakanmy hutd, ban i ce maka ci de osionhan bef lf orethe st of c theryounte. her" [ htlauger ] s >> yeth: aeah,utbsolely. th hee otinr th tg is--hat ch whi sit'seao gr bt to e in hanew irmpsh le, i army p aentshere tre. i mloverey pants. >> h. yea et>> st'h: ieas gr bt to e in hanew irmpshote, n. now ig>> rht. et>> soth: ns thi otimearf ye. ea>> yurh, se.
12:57 am
edcall s and "aid,eawe rnelly ed u yoomto cmee ho." d i'ikbe li'e, "aill wt. ci'llinome ch mar." la [ erught ] m i'conot .ming ea>> yh. et>> st'h: ikes lish slu. 's itul awf. ea>> yh. d an, also iwelljut's owst n, y ever yfour, earsdoyou wan't nt e to binfill yg upcaour d r an ghavenooversir kaaych sey, "h, ce nime to ouet yie, frnd." >> h: seth. yea pl>> ", easeseplea't don m lete us me myx-atri vliken isioon yo asu, k"ich. et>> souh: y - now- co tungraonlatis. syourishow k. bac >> h. yea >> h: setso searen thele, wl .done s >>n easoe,threnk tha. you ee[ chndrs ala app]use k thanyou. s >> yeth:adou hd sai ythatou we t ren'g goinalto touk abe t th e2016iolecttin un16l 20. y >>eah. >> h: set t nowithat er's howe, h ywillshour ddow a wresss hat' g goinon? >> hi i te'nk wroll py babl look amoree t thesproc ts ofhe el onectin thapethe alrsons itie lvinvoed. so th, i think wat'swehat 'll ob pr dablyero ov y theraear ther th o an s hmuchloere g okinat rngoveasor kanich s d hi eltravbaing f nd oatdefeist ma s.niac la [ erught ] s >> neth:thow, asis hn beea nt coouentimps ca, aignyobut u
12:58 am
bweekalasicasly hfa to ce ea>> yh. ar aw te ofhis. e'thermes sog thinedcall ri "pinme mr'isteess qus"tion in gl enand. d an iwhatant me, s is aonce , weekprthe miime ernist t haso t gorlo pantiame b andoue shted at h foranalf r. hou et>> sheh: tvey hado to it. >> j yougoust dotta it. es doman't wtterishat enhapping. do t esn'ermattth if une cos try' arat w. u yod stane therhafor n lf ahour d anleyou opt peecle hyokle u ke li'r you ae in-r low ange meco ug[ la ]hter li heke t'r you te athe pi urttsbucgh yckk yu. la [ erught ] ah ye. yoso, llu with be ste mo we po prfuln ersongin e, landand ye u t yo bmustalasictaly snd th anere ced achept tnsse ingulti leheckoms frpl peoe. th i yoink ghu miket li it. it - 's -owi knre thees's r pect offor hfice--ere et>> seah: yh. >> in -- ri amehica ws ch i, nice bu 'st itn ever nicehoto st ut a th rse peouon yan're d noyeat. la [ erught ] s >> aeth:hend ts n, athe im pris min yter,e ou'rweallod to sh baout ck? >> e. sur , yeahcayou -n dou - yodocan e th dfootown. >> h: setit so us's jout sh.ting ou>> ye havndto uanerstd, it brpeish aopleo re sesreprsed, it es's b ht tojuave alst h f an ur hoa in wweek whereste ju ex e plodacat eheh otr. ou[ sh ]ting ug[ la ]hter ha "sn me oyou!
12:59 am
oh i', drm dfealyulor sry. sepleary car" on. [ htlauger ] e we'r elikeonmotiolal vescano. e we orupte n thk clocfor 30 ut minanes, end thpu we att th [ p bleeck] ba. s >> aeth:hend tstn jue havto go ut abor you.week he>> t jn wegoust ut abo our .week ac ex ytly,eah. et>> sneh: oth of ine thhags tt anso fictast -, ise - th'sshow nt fac,asti p bute eople framit m ony.onda cyour alipsutre od , ant a loof ad hes line swillliay, ke, "j olohn eiverervisc."ates ea>> yh. "j olohn diveroyestrs." pe aoplerare dc mati twith heir liheadnes. do t youo ry tutgo o and ceevis arateesnd d?troy hais turt yoe. gam o,>> n r noty,eall no. we pr -- ilimare y th igames te ennmrtairaent ttherhan is evticeraf on okiany nd. 's it, odd oit's.dd vit'sniery ce. li ouke, owr shs getedpass ou arn nd oaymond t andghhrou the we ek. bu het, tka pac oging if its ig sl dhtlyriispi ttingtco wah swhenneomeoju is crst sngeami, oo "ltck wahnh jove olir se dielmbowle tabs!" [ htlauger ] s >> yeth:eah.
1:00 am
of atf, e!s it th abat ts le iorno me! sythe istemuss cr"hed! .sure mor ia ade fjoke5 or 1teminus ou abtht a ing. [ htlauger ] wh i ich s gues'sthats les alappeing. et>> seah: yhah, ttrt's ue. i s gues htheytoave ka pact ge i ewitherviscnsatio. a >>, gain'sthat it. th tee in irnetsis bay call alike ngboxiin traorer f us. et>> seah: yh. >> t jusngsayit whae we'rg goin o to domto s jeonesaust ying wwhat ge're toing to doo me soone. >> h: set l i'm iuckyw knoyou be e causeli fe p thee eopl that tread eheseerviscn atio liheadjunes hist tounk ye, hav li woke, inlverawe clnds, a you wjustaralk aoundayll dt jus rodest ayingipnd r opingut pe 'soples. gut [ htlauger ] >> h, yeao i dhanot olve wneveri cl oraws de, inmued, s.scle la [ erught ] al i onso dav't hane st dard erwolvupine boper trdy sh engt ouwithe t ths.claw et>> souh: yno're ent evse clo w toriolver ne olva woe.erin i >>ot'm nod a b wy on yhichou co buuld a ild erwolvine. [ htlauger ] >> h: set t but yhanko ou s much befor heing re. [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> 'r youlce weome. >> h: setgr cononats so sean re the. i >>a t's supleare. >> h: setay alwpls a reeasu. hn jove oliver, edyrybo. ir thasd sef on ot "las week ghtoniret" pesmierda sun y on hbo. we be'll k bac mwithore "l niate "ght.
1:01 am
wweonerere. an red he. d .hered , soalhe in re. ba heck tre. be hhindere. neventoext es th, e t inathe ns ion'eslargt, peindet ndeny,stud otrotrmes icstjuam n edvezorinun ermbne oet nrkwo thfor fte fimeh tia in row, he re. so n wheotthe guher lays cim 'rtheye e th, bestmbremeer: erthone's nely omb, nuneer o. d anwenow pa'll ty up50o $6 toitswo ch tbethe etst othisigne rerht he. wh aquien lconta.s m send craigon awilsdy reaou for y t alert he hsecondm is rooeadyis r, k yawhnow e at hmebecos? ea grost proplet'al! lks ta more goverolf. t.grea ho t w abouenover tnis? eteven bter.a hagame c!ngerth y e readyou for t,alerat only om lq.c. amwhy f i af an oebappl ee'sfafan tevoriess qulaadilge bur r?it bur's ager inside a quesadilla. usgeni! hot, melty ee chse. fresh. pi gaco de llo. wo ah! blomindwn. ev neeryoan's a f ppwith as lebee'r $22 fo0
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1:03 am
lyonra k nfturat caleshee has a touch of philadelphia cr m eaeech,se wsotehar veu yokema, is creamier than ever. . hi ..hi. i ylover ous.pant th ksan. e thess arpantale reealy spo king tme. i can at looke thck?ba
1:04 am
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1:05 am
ee[ chndrs ala app]use et>> selh: w bcome ack, ybeverody. be wforente co winuethith owe sh sti jut wanalto tlik a bttleit ou abmet soth of rye veit excing gu westsvee haed linne up xt we ek. an id --or'm splry, alug cr?enda y,wallt whaluis pleg ca?ndar o>>h. .yeah se thth, ate "lghe niret" cw le ca.ndar y doinou mvid gis ng uica quk ou sht?t ou s >> yeth:eah. i' rrm sohay, w tt islahe "te ni cght"carew arlend? w >> yell,noou kw w hothe ne rkw yoef firerightles ca ndar ocame lut ae ittlilwhage o. bbhuhua bba. ug[ la ]hter et>> seah: y'mh, iil famwiiar th at th. a >>ownd n n theorew yxik ta iv dr cer'sdaalen or isut. >> h: set t oh,hahey ve a ndcaleooar t? o >>eah, yh. be eeep bnkp hok, honwo aa.og so rmehoeal s ttiehein tre. >> h: sety, oka't donr evedo "t ahis".gain la [ erught ] o >>kay. t sorehe crew he"l at niate ght" de d cideakto mr e ouown ca arlend.
1:06 am
y dathand ste bet par ait'sll r foitchary. >> h: setl, wel k youwhnow at th vat'sniery wace, lly. ll i'ti ment.on i >> s it' lyour duckyay. th s ere'x a boheof tdem unurr yo .desk where.e go riall weght hill t vs is ery, pveryssrofel ionainlookg. la [ erught ] i k thinllyou'e lik ywhatou se e. >> h: sety. oka myoh, dn gooisess t thatom? [ htlauger ] es>> yth, se? >> h: sety. oka ithisous r stage manager, tom. u yo glook, reaty.budd >> nk tha, you.seth ug[ la ]hter >> h: sets it'eaa gritt su. t'>> ines mi. ug[ la ]hter s>>h:ethe w'dreou yin fd a wh tiite ger? >> t oh,s hat' tmineoo. [ htlauger ] et>> seah: rlly? ho mew cot tha'thasne comup rebefo? t'>> iles ilgal. ug[ la ]hter et>> sh,h: ot' thairs fa. ey>> hep, keng goith, se. br fe'suaryt. nex et>> seah: y kh, ihonow w le cas ndar, worky.wall ug[ la ]hter
1:07 am
t soishis c oura amer gguy,ene. [ eech ars andlapp]use 'sthatew a nk looyofor enu, ge. >> r noty,eallh. set et>> skah: oy. la [ erught ] s >>eth. >> h: seth, yeat? wha >> ar we ste juti u et>> sh-h: uhuh. pe>> sg akinotof h t, golyo ju. l alt.righ .whoa ok hiay t gs is freggthrom e un sopad dentrtme. ug[ la ]hter i' rrm sos y, iolhe h hdingis so bound inard w the?ater th anat ce 't o >>t h, i'twasn. ec chguk aust. s >> oeth:kay. oh n., ma at thot's nd. goo [ htlauger ] >> h: set r all.ight , wellini thatk thll's aha we ve me ti. for ai>> wt. at whut abo s me,eth. st eve. it ea's rodl go. s >> oeth:ahh ye. u yo, knowtti go ha bet,ones ev st ae isllctuae y tht firsone th akat menes so se tn be ia le ca lndarthike is. . oh .okay la [ erught ] -- i us i jout thyoght beu'd , ou>> y't donnk thi s i'm exy, >> h: set no. st eve. ka>> oy. od go. ug[ la ]hter >> h: set s i'm.orry
1:08 am
wh haat c irityiss thn evefor? >> ly walid's ks. s >> aeth:'mnd iry sorat, wh is wa s lly'?kids >> k youi now thaveidwo ks, ma ndtt any dan. veyou' t metbehem .fore ug[ la ]hter et>> salh: wly. >> h, setck cheem decber. et>> se h: wlyreale havovto me , ony.wall w >>: allyitbut y 's mh.mont et>> sh,h: o. boy , ohy!wall ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> yo do keu li it? et>> s dh: i lon'titike . i >> h wasg avineaa grirt ha y, dan' wast i? s >> yeth:e ou'rinwearhag a t. >> t' that s no iwhatn. mea s >> oeth:alh, wly. we be'll ht rigk bac mwithore "l niate "ght. [ eech ars andlappe us] e ona day r ride amadeis decion.
1:09 am
d he tecidedve o sanemowiy by stching s hiycmotorcinle nce suraeito gco. th noere's shameavinin sneg moy. ri n, rde opride oud. o geictomolercyc, gr teeat ragrs for rideeat s. get 30% off every guest er evipy shn ie thricaeabbn t buy,hurrhi tfes ofwor n't llastgon co eeme sthk le royaca eanribb tbook aoday t 801-ro0-lcyaibaranbe. red lobster's lobsterfest is back. c soe omthtry lae esrgvat etyri of ob lersthe disofs ea the y r, ke list lobover l der'sream
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it's p aty oarevn y plere,at d anu'reyonv comso we int hile ilasts. ..this c. is a at.d th an. a p live of hotot.a ca plivearhotos e morethan t omthey ce e aliv whentoyou emuch th. and then the by goto ack st enill whet you l go. eveso tryuime yotake ic a pture, you moget re usthan jphott a o. t you geivto rel e mothe ment. e becauselepit t yortsthou sprough and ace .time i'm inkiddg.
1:11 am
fo par the dast 27 fourys, men ohaveedutlasthori aut btiesmay heking tetawir gn ay is.a priu isthe gamowends n. toatch c p aus,ri yo ve gu'taote a biuprs. gu atys, whhat?'s t maoh, n.
1:12 am
1:13 am
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] s >> weth:meelcok baclato "te ni " ght,ybeverody. neour uext gs st irya veny fun wladyouho yw kno hfromorer wk " onrdsatuigay nivht lhie" wch re s turn wthisndeekeh wit host ssmelicaa mc arthyusnd m ical t guese kany.west sh n e ca balsoene seth in w e ne or shlmt firb "darey fo wver"hich ap s pearhuon ty,rsdaru febary 18 n th oo.vime lc webaome o ck tshthe urow o ry ved goondfriedy, aian bryt.
1:14 am
et>> selh: hgolo, usrgeo. h >>i. et>> sowh: h y areou? >> m oh,d,y go s i'modo go. et>> s'mh: i s so,ppo ha y to ha ouve ye. her o >>y h, m wgod,a hat t.trea et>> shah: wtrt a eat. a and asfantshtic asow lekt we th wiry larid dav. ha>> tounk y. >> h: sett thajuwas n st a llexceepent e isodsnof "l." [ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h. yea , yeahasit w b theest. he o 's sy.funn et>> se h: hfuwas bn toe ou arnd. th wat'sevhat oderyb iy --'ve be sken apeing ooplee n th, cast hsaids e wa ajustig delht. >> al tothely, o wasf ne omy fa tevorits hosr. eve s >> yeth:erou wnte fac astiin er "burn yohu entm"siast jus t.grea goyou st tom creaimat hch whi st mube've icen ne. >> . yes asit we likkea liam drese cau w itikas lfae a y ntas prolelay fo urr "curb yohu entm"sias for me. et>> seah: yh. u yo wguys ae'rerell gn at iit. >> h, yeawa it eas grt. s >> aeth:ownd n me a lissrtmccas hy i wback hich xcis eg.itin ea>> yhih, ws ch iunso f. is thhe is irr thmed titi hosng nc sivee i'n bee aheret'nd is li fke ay amilermembur retns. >> h: set t oh,s hat'ovso lely. >> . yes s >> neth:i ow, twantlko ta ou aburt yone conn ctioto me so ebodyvilse nla "shi," wch i isem remwhber ouen y au onditineed oyo of ur im sipreswaons els ade.
1:15 am
>> h: set y ande ou've sinctogot erdo hth on owe sh. y >>es. et>> sndh: ale ade a didw shoat di ratyo ciic musl hal wthatas on a nbc lnd af ot o" "snl cast togot go. w hothwas eiat bn ng ithe au cedienra of cidio haty tt gh nit? i >>s t walla fuwn-blop weefest fo .r me et>> skah: oy. weyou fu're --lly >> as i wt jusinsobbg co ntnstaly. an d -- et>> sidh: d e yout xpec that g goinin? i >>nk thien i w bt in leingike oni'm l" "sn a now'vnd iene be fhereouor farr yes. ovi'm i omor sngethi. thand sen iowat dd n an diimmey atelasit we lik-- he sn 's al ange la [ erught ] d an ljustsoike sbbedilteady an wad i ers ththe wie katand ch anris rad sao h whiti wrthe wi d anerwe wl e al ljustike ho g ldin oeach athereend f ling , et>> sh h: o'sthatat gre. y >>eah. et>> sidh: d g you cet ae hancto et me? her ea>> yh. s >> teth:s hat'omawese. y >>eah. s >> aeth:ownd h t washat? t >> ia was m.drea me i hean s s wasolo co s ando ni ndce ago we lt todoike t tha e adelo videe wherllwe aam bece el add e anasit we, likin aga, asfantley roy plaina thr g fo me. et>> seah: youh, yli're tvinghe fe li. y >>eah. i' wam alreys pintend bg toe
1:16 am
s >> neth:haow we t arotthe her gsthinvi, oby ousl "with ysnl"ou toget ot do thher , ingsi and nt wata to bolk a but a ounchf em th. t buthone thing asat wy vernice at th d youorid fis me ha we ve th owe shum docryenta a nowound y tu ac fallytolew la iceo nd tbe in ep an e isodhaof tt. y >>eah. s >> yeth:lsou almo fied me sog thinrein ofogon mer so of th hee otysr guth on owe sh. t bud i direnot e aliz, thisyou ve ha s hadbaome ped exceriens be dring tivend o an sfromets. n cateyou s ll utta liitle b ab thout t is? >> . yes , so ibotheln icanand d in er whwae i ins beivg dry en bi nt wasa to key li18 an r--yeaold pr tioducsson antista. et>> surh: se. at thik's le e thstloweg runjob so memeti ls isa ike onkid the wiset rill douve yan to omd fr me sog.thin ot>> inand h bots case slikeofort alikevo ner.aus pin. bekeg li, o "s'swhatl' 'sne, liku " yo ow kn? i'and kem lih,, "os it'.cool git's."reat u yo, knowthand usen jket li st g arine at mjuand oist gng ke li -- gh ritot ine liks.a bu gu i i ess thaveefhat ofectn g younmen. [ htlauger ] bu rt ity eallbehas iken le au trzimating.
1:17 am
t righ aintor. dee >> h: set n oh,o. y >>es. s >> teth:s hat'erdangous. >> mu we edrderee a d r at 5: .m00 ad . an ltheni ike aninstbetly hcameeris vd y ol whmom s o wa, like'r"youaye ok, by ba. reyou'y, okare we'y. oka" oki'm ay." [ htlauger ] an end thot i g a out wnd ias ke lie', "hnes fi's, hed deabut he in's fe." la [ erught ] thand men aroan dy ve bheand liwas "yke, k'alla ill ?"deer an wd wejuere ikst lyee, "ah. ye e s, w"did. heand l was "ike,ouif y ask th l ey'lthcut tle anofers r f fo ." ya [ htlauger ] weand e wer, likey " k than syou,ir." et>> souh: ysu're edpposbe to ke lisk, "a?" who >> no i kulw, fly. 's itnd tre my toe. s >> seth:u o yot don'ou-- y di gdn'tthets tle aniners the end? >> e. nop et>> skah: ooty, gyecha ah. th fat'sstantaic. wthat bouldale re- ly -ini thk at thld woua be y lousonreas to ahave hboutoners r you.wall k>> inow. >> h: sety' theikre lohe, ", u' yo hre ar?unte" it ik's lnoe, "nd, ra homlyit on e." >> . yep ug[ la ]hter an"me chd a drild riove inght to is thr deei and d savee thesas a fu uvn so."enir
1:18 am
>> h: set a you--lso s thi co up smingn easogiof " rls" reyou'ng goibe to on. ai age n ony of m s-- ai how .love an u d yotogot to go yo tok. >> h. yea s >> heth:- ow - yhaveevou ner be efen bore? o.>> n an tud ac iallyli rea'vze ie ne bever nyen ae wherusbeca'se it asuchfe dif wrent aorld wnd ias er thr e foe thres weekh whicis a ry veg lon.time et>> seah: yh. >> i andt felheby t o end f it ithat l wasthike apis je anes n womae whers i wa ljustike inwalkoug arndnd ain sayg [ kispeaapng je anes] ic whsth juns mea s i'm.orry ug[ la ]hter bu ent thou i ct ldn'lehand the is cubeine e caus-- s >> oeth:o h, sdiyou gdn'to l- aln in onejapase. >> n i'm bot aisig frsh peon. m i'annot en advusturoer eat so sti jued livel solf y ofkechicn es qulaadilics wh -h is- la [ erught ] s >> weth: dhereu o yoget ch n ickeadquess illaokin tyo? h,>> o'd yousu be serprid. [ htlauger ] yo n u ca tfindhem. , yeahsti jued liv c offenhick adquess,illady cand , anchfren ie frs. s >> oeth:hah, tgot's od. lo a ndt caouy thgh. a oflot rd weian japcaese ndy. o >>ouh, yw kno.this et>> skah: oy. mo i kstlyitnow m fro your aginstram. >> no i kw. et>> st h: ijuwas ikst le er ev.yday
1:19 am
mo olst cl orfuiecands. i >> j waswaust g lkinndarou alikee trulesimpliton "oke, h, brthe s.ight" la [ erught ] an ked lian -- end thng beie, lik l "i'ltheat em." >> h: set, now--you s thiis ythatenou wd t ankechect.d ou es>> y. s >> aeth: c catafe. >> . yes s >> teth:ishis ho -- nyw ma at whhe's ta? ide ka>> oy. e th iideaats th g youd o an reyou'ng goili to avke hcue a p c ofe offecaand rets at jus d anlki wan ed ig bein tlikehis is gu disg.stin ithiskes li b a [ ]leep. box [ htlauger ] an led i eift bikng l le, iove e thcacat fe. eli feen sernoity w. asit wwe so ird. >> h: setis so i thethdea ouat y li olke he d th ocatsu r yo just wa thtch tse cae likwoyou --uld t >>hahey ikve lnge juymle gs at thy theclcan animb u d yojust si lot beemw th l andsiike t. ug[ la ]hter an end thy the wjustaralk .ound
1:20 am
ssomeofort e lik pbodyemrobl. la [ erught ] s >> weth: sait,userioly? 's it e notreven r gula?cats >> l welani me a notist th. one do i knn't ow. haone ked liy vert shor, legs li -ttlett- liuble ns. leg ug[ la ]hter itbut n wasice. >> h: sets thi ndoeseeot skem li th y e wanti wadr to myink ff coee. i >>'t donw knovei lo.d it et>> souh: yed lov it. >> ov i lt.ed i et>> s wh: itoant k talt abou by"darev forwher" isich nt fac.asti ea>> yh. s >> teth:ishis 0 a 2teminu sh fiort oulm y, didodos rezrigu om frl" "snec diritted rr, coect? >> hm mm-m. et>> sndh: aan i w st toa how bclipxput e rlainqueal ick h,>> o. yes whso, wen in as iagchicuso i ed g to to toabhe fstric anore d i in do sg atd soand s thin womawowho cuuld t be e, likat "whhi's tbrs faic fo r? d anuli woy,d saco "seitnd cy fo shr a 'mow ing doi." shand ule wot d ge tlikehis li httlewoollyikod lowe shbiz ex mecitendnt ali be "oke, h, lyreal?"
1:21 am
in th okingr f he okindf ag img inin iwhat d was aoingnd so t' thands kiwh of hiat t.s is so ic bas dally warby iorksn a fa sbric atorehend sd kinasof h li dttleeaaydrms. so th in liis ce'p sht s me some okindkef lik pun grock airlsnd s she'inimagwhing t at id woulbe ke lish if s e watta liocle rk ic chk. et>> sllh: aig rht. let's take a look. i>>ip r b [eple u ]p. you know, i divorced my parents. u yoowknow heo pe pl tdot.ha i n'dolot tvehao ong wuth itmy mo m. sh s e'spreteecmed nd a en couraged me in like everything i've done but i don't care. i kelio tngsi. lii tkepao y.rt ha ws t' [uple b ]ep bwet ou ptotyar get ready you lilettma sy rt this is nasty it's gonna suck t buonwe dar't ce an dd we gon't ive [ aep ble ] ug[ la ahterppnd ae laus] s >> "eth:y darbveforer." >> y. oka
1:22 am
ev oderybouy shheld ct ck iout. d an ait'ss lwayovso ltoely see yo u. ca i wnnottoait t seehohe sw on sa ayturd. l >>yaove . s >> aeth:bridy , yantybeverody. [ rschee a anduspplae ] .""snl li memcssa hycart. ka wenye st. we be'll ht rigk bac with l aprimfbloo.ield yoand gu're toingico stk ou arnd. y>>h.ea ch[ rseend app ausla]e wi y th mramode tte oserevelc uatere ivlicos,ti thpoe ibssitilofy f arelawa als stmolw as ay monmiy .nd th kiin angutboha wtot vo a,id wh e er gto..o. and how to deal with my uc. mto te,t has tiuntal i tlked do myr.octo e shldtoe mth hatiruma lphepes leop kelie m t ge uucernd ntcolro d anepket i deuncor rontl enwhta cermein tidicaons vehawon't rkedllweug enoh. mihuanra cer lowyo biur a tlityo fight infections, including tuberculosis. se s,riouet som imestafafel innsctio an ncd ca iers,dinclung holymphama, apve hd;pene
1:23 am
ouseriles al rrgicioeactns, d anw ne worseorngnihe t arilfae.ur berefore tmeat,nt t gestte fed torb. llter youordoctyo if u'veenbear to wheas ere aicertngn fuinal iofect ansre common, an ifd ou ye 'vd ha,tb tihepab,tis areonpr ie totinfecons, horflave keu-lisy msmptoso or res. n'dostt t armihu raif you have an infection. rae isuryoxp etaecontis. k asuryoas goetrerntogoltisab t oumihu.ra thwium ha,ir ntcol ro gr deotee menionsse.e thd'worlrss fitit anpipers rantwi nith umique apcrocssule ti acd vateovby mt,emen th elat r beases urstof es frhness all day. motionsense. pr tioteco on tepkeou yov ming. it on w l't yet doun.ow hmy.ouse oumy htose, o! bmymyed, ea squoyky t... gmyesoodn ts is hatymsmoktaeatysty- co ba?n? u yokeliac b?on i acdo bpskfli b for!acon mai bkeliees ner focoban! goi'm benna ouat yba to con! (v hao) wket magss doth do e y crazgsthiny thedo?
1:24 am
sh kopl'oh..s. th tisrshuy da thugromoh aynd..!. be e causyoyes2u rdrewambs metaers ke eanraxt0% 2ff o..!. an ead trnplripoe !ints -plus k gets ohl' tcashoo! rn ea r andm edeerdrewas tspoin k ands ohl'cash th horougheut tre sto! llenroay todny - acaone n - it q'sckuind at' ieas !sy ko . hl's surprise!!!!! eawe h grd youobot a ja as vedeloper!
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wh at? wo w... !yeahok .ay.. gu llys, i'writ be a ing new gelangua mac forshine pla so tnes, erains,ven italhospn s caetwork bter. oh! y,sorras t i wg ryin ito putayt aw... t gothit on ke.e ca y soe goou'rtoing work ton a?rain t noraon a t.on"tras"! reyou'on not gdena p stveloanuff ymore? no .. i am.
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1:27 am
ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] >> h: setco welacme b k to e "latt,nigher" evy.ybod e we'r wherechith ef ap blril ieoomfld. we e lcomheto tw. sho [ rschee a anduspplae ] he w r neaurest, rant "s tialvauron b" ger,teloca d in pothe hd 51 hotelinere to midwn en opmos to irroww n ne cyorkity. we e lcom.back omwelc te tohohe sw. y >>es. th yoank u. s >> neth:elot w bcomeack. bu m t i'apso ho py t yhaveou he re. co tsngrath on w e neaurest.rant awhate re wa gonnondo t?ight ka>> oo y, s yhaveooou ca ked erburgor befe. s >> ieth:e havedcookur a bger be .fore ka>> oo y, s'rwegoe g in dtoa o rgbu werree'ng goist to art se g llinrrtomoow.
1:28 am
s >>igo, rweht, a gotpl coue of pa s.ttie ha ouve yke coobud a brgere?efor id>> ao,y: n i but a eat o tonf em th. la [ erught ] o >>kay. gh rit. st li- en -, wellenlist. th a row lecouppa of s ttiein th anat p. , sethcayou sn dothame ing. >> h: sety, okaat gre. m >>suake oure ye tak--off yooh, au'reur natal. [ htlauger ] ok thay, aat'smeweso. s >> aeth:igll rht. gr eat. >> h, set'r youlie a sttler,lowe thbut oat'skay. >> h: setit a lsltle , ower.yeah ou>> yta gota do ndsecoty pat. a >> oidy:oh. >> ow thrt thahein tre. >> h: sets thi nis a tice,hin pa tty. >> is it s., ye et>> skah: oy. y >>noou ky?w wh ca beituse oi's go ng t scookuper fa st. et>> skah: orey, gat. o >> akay,t'nd iins go gg toet re sallygrome eat ca lirameonzati. so m , i'g goinivto g ae it tt lieale sson. >> h: sety. oka o >> se whildoi'm thing doat, u yo twantt o cu byourun? >> h: seth, yeaas ple we, i ould tloveo. y >>usou jt t cuicit nd e an .even et>> skah: orey, gat. >> c youutan cr youtobun o. a >> oidy:kay. >> l so,n,istee i'vsogot me lo svelyalpecire secuct sae. st juch wat it. et>> skah: oany, c t youusell at whn 's iorit, th is at a etsecr? n >>t'o, ises a .cret ait'sre sect. 's itec a sret. >> h: set okay. >> wvee'ot gom sche seeeha twet de math in ste rentaura. ithisr s oulelitt -- >> h: setem homchade ?eese om>> he emadsechee. s >> oeth:kay. >> w youa ant e?tast s >> ieth:ld woue lovsta tae. g >>.reat oudo yt wansta ta ce ofe?hees a >> yidy:i es, do. >> h: sett' thaals reooly gd ee chse. >> d who'toesne liksecheeu , yo ?know et>> sh,h: oov i l.e it ithisals reooly gd. n >>anice idd acic.
1:29 am
etwe git a lcotle lor. do w youtoant e havtta lile pe ndek a -- >> h: seth. yea ug[ la ]hter an>> wavna hlie a pttleeek? >> h: set, now chey, aan iousk y a tiqueson? >> h. yea et>> sauh: cy se m awife and ire vi ha dng areisagt ement abou erburgs. w >>s hat'?that et>> ss h: iadit bpr to doess wn th wion it pa a s?tula ea>> yh. ah ye. s >> oeth:kay. ll welo, i hast te.t on >> yo do owu kn? why [ htlauger ] y >>noou ku w yoldshouer nev gu arthe wir you.wife et>> so,h: non i w't. >> k youwhnow y? usbeca pe its ushealout atl th ju ice. s >> yeth:bueah gt it--oes [ lesizz ] [ htlauger ] an atd th f's aouun snd. t >> iis. it is. bu l t aljuthe evice ataporing. >> h: seth. yea >> s so, yeth,e ou'vyocut unur b alin hf. s >> ieth:e. hav o >> dwayou o nt tsoput f me o is thre secect spsaial onuce er the? >> h: set. yep ou>> y b didr etteanth seth. >> aidy: tha ynkou. >> h: sety, okaat gre. g >>joood b. s >> oeth:kay. >> w youa ant mobit n re oe?ther et>> seah: yurh, se. me i wean, i ll, t don'.know ait'sre sect. , sodohow no i kw? t'>> iats th. way ait'sre sect. et>> skah: orey, gat. th gat'sood. ak>> oy. et>> skah: oy. l >> get'ssoive o me t.aidy id>> aeay: yh. y >> geah,.reat , sos let'chput oeeseern the. et>> s lh: ithove peis shaed tt es the e arincookg. >> h, yeay' theoore gigd, rht? wawho tonts ve slar ovet a ho e?stov et>> seah: yh. >> ge burrers at fasfuand n. wa o nt t aslap o biteef chn se o e?ther >> h: set b youet. >> y, aidt what abouyou. et>> sh,h: o i canrt stain eatg ck piles?
1:30 am
he oulp yf.rsel et>> skah: oooy, gd. j >>a ust lelittli chi s andome vi r.nega ni ndce ay. eas veyou'e don bthise,eforen hav't you. s >> weth:s hat' hthisere? >> t tha lis ae ittl fbeefat, ac lytual. >> h: setf beefat? wh o at dusyou ate th? for ou>> y g canitive it a ltle as to ot ofitur lbutle ern, he. et>> sh!h: o us>> jvet gia it lelittpr sd.ea a>>y:idoh oa , efbe b fatun. >> h. yea mmmm-h. la [ erught ] s >> yeth:ples, .ease ug[ la ]hter id>> aeay: yeeh, bt.f fa e we'rg doinit. la [ erught ] t >>ishis ke, lief, bebe on ef. yo owu kn y, ife ou'rbunot ousy y pocan bur aeer. id>> aesy: y. s >> oeth:leh, pase! oh g, myesoodns! y >>anou wbet a er? >> h: setou i wovld lbee a er. g >>.reat et>> s'mh: iex so d,cite i etforgut abot. tha ow>> hyo do keu lir youerburg? do l youitike l- wel?done ummedi? et>> s lh: iitike iu medm, me -wdiumell. >> y, okaat gre. , sol we'lthlet o is gtta lile lo .nger et>> skah: orey, gat. >> s youowee h g yououot yr ee chn se oe,thery, aidh? set ea>> yh. s >> ueth:h.h-hu ha>> tgot's menna i s >> teth:s hat'a gonn?melt ewi knt. tha ea>> yh. >> y: aid m oh,d.y go oh g, myod. [ htlauger ] >> h: set m oh,ody go!ness !aidy lnow,e et myoask quu a onesti. y atneour stw rentauraw , ho ny ma -- [ htlauger ] >> t jusk drinit. 's ite. fin wh oo!
1:31 am
s >> ceth: jan ihaust fve aull gr r?owle ea>> yh. ra st fightthrom owe grler. >> y aidtta liadle b. boy g be aoingcet on? ke lin whehayou fve ahoull use, mahow - ny -mahow urny b cgersan onfit r youl?gril >> k you pnow,blrobaiky, l.e 15 stone raw. s >> teth:s hat' bgoodeer. o whs make byoureer? id>> a'my: ina gony copyou. o >> dwayou tonna e tak your bu errg? id>> aesy: y. er>> hooe, lk. y >>uyou gs -- n >>ice. ou>> y e canhaat tw t noouif y s >> ceth:ican pupkle ? m i'a gonnlepickup it . d >>u o yo twantt o eait? >> y: aidh, yeaan i w et toat mi ne. >> h, yeaon go . ay ok. m it bightt,e hoy? oka so t jusarbe c.eful , yeahlepickup it . yo ntu wae somlepickids, ay? a >> midy:m.m-hm et>> sidh: ad y ane i ar very y happt abou.this erwe wlke tabaing tack sge. a >> iidy:d saipei hoet i g to atake n big bastyonite er cama. ug[ la ]hter s >> aeth:igll rwaht, it. dy aike, lide, sisi by igde b and na sty. i >>ght mi jt be, uicy?okay et>> seah: yh. b >>ree caful. >> y: aid j how iuicy gs it onna get? ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] oo>> gd? id>> ah,y: os it'ooso gd!
1:32 am
>> h: sets it'asfanttic. it>> wrgh bu yers,otou gha to ve es pigh, rit? s >> yeth:eah. d >>u o yo twant to doonhe hors an std juze glas thilelittll sma pie? >> h: seth. yea rioh, ght. e'so woire go ng thido tghs rit. h >>yoave edu us o oneesf the fo bere? et>> sh!h: o >> y: aidy hol!hell et>> seah: y'vh, iede us. one riall sght,ato whi am g?doin tjustinoastg? o >> sjuyou inst k gd of ilazet er ovre the. s >> ueth:h.h-hu gr eat. ou>> y t can ioast ft ass ar a wayou nt. li f ke iliyou like, itke b ter, knyou s'ow, s more -then- a >> oidy:oh. l >>atook . you et>> sf h: irni tus thiouon y, ul wou d yot admis i wat righ t abouspthe a atulbuand ?rger ug[ la ]hter ea>> yh. oudo yt wanb?a jo et>> s wh: i -ouldll- weyb, mae woyou uld. >> y: aidan a mly truai afrd. h. oo [ htlauger ] ou>> y i gott? otwe git a lbatle pnanaie. >> h: setta fan.stic 'swhatth in ieis p? t >>ishis 'm a s poresie. s >> aeth:or s'miees p? s >>es'mornu peattt buieer p. >> y: aid b oh, baby,aby! a >>hond wsn doeik't lane peut tt bunder aco cho alatend ma alrshm.lows id>> ao y: s gdangood.
1:33 am
al rerely, gallyood. >> nk tha. you id>> ahiy: t ss isodo go. s >>ado gl'r youine dr okingut of g theerrowls. re heh, sete hav gyourerrowl ck ba. s >> yeth:eah. wh d ere' gmineo? wa i bs sod umme ithats t wanot th ere. [ htlauger ] k thansoyou h. muc t >> yhankou. >> h: setgr conatatul oionse n th renew rastaunt. >> nk tha. you ee[ chndrs ala app]use k thanyou. >> h: setto mideewn nomds se ac plo es tgo. >> h. yea ah ye. s >> aeth: bprilfiloom eld, ybeverody. atsalvbuion orger tpensroomorw.
1:34 am
. now ..eakta brghhrou from aveeno ab tesolulely ageigss nreamht c ctwith atuive na bralsbelackrry x comple...
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. ..ngstartiht tonig. rtpae of thsonew ably luteelaglless coection
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[ rschee a anduspplae ] >> h: setth my tankso hn jove oli ar,y idyabr, nt ap blril ieoomfjald, bleeln,unto ofand rs couhee, tba 8g nd! ch [ aeersppnd ae laus] ay sted tun c forn arso.daly we se'll u e yorrtomoow.
1:37 am
>> so carhin: t "s is clast"all. m i'oncarsy dalweand are iostattoned t nighheat tla skyrk r fobiour g show. thanks forei berng he. re hehe's tun rwndo. lo r wensdego is manna heke tir mu sicaebtv d futrom the fonda. we go're spnna ghotlie t thr osca nominad tectdireehor bthind e lmfi"r, m,oole" y nnraabonhams. so alep, stjahan ismes e herto ta bolk aorut pintraye g tht grea ym olatpic teheless, jeene ows in th lme file calacd "re." we st'll wiart hath tt. 'l we tl goe o thdemara kitchen now. ve haoo a lk. >> t whaoudo yad can hiansave at thdo we n't? li heke tusre m st behiometng at thpe's s acial yboutuyou gs. >> s it'tithe rtm ho, on'sman. it b's aofig cchfee anain u d yo gu tiys so ck tstthe ckarbud s an we do'll t theorim hs.ton' th i atink thhe's tge bigst di enfferigce rheht tre. >> we so a canvechiet whayou ha f ve iuswe jitt swrach bnds?


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